Southern Beaches Anglican

A personal story

Lucy Lester, a member of Southern Beaches Anglican explains how God has used the new church plant by BCA Field Staff Jamie and Claire Bester to change her life. 

In 2014 my world turned upside down and I had to shut the door on society and church, but I kept reading the Bible every day.

God and I did a great deal of work together while I was at home. I asked Him whether I should cut my losses and leave Tasmania. But God was clear – ‘wait.’

This year He surrounded me with a church, a church family and a chance to be involved in life again. God really did meet me in my weakness and brought a little bit of heaven to my little piece of paradise.

Right from the beginning, Jamie and Claire made it clear I was supported and part of the family. They really have a great gift in encouragement and shepherding.

This piece first appeared in the BCA Fundraising Newsletter of 29 October 2018 and is used here with kind permission of BCA. Photo: BCA



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