The new mission field

Ministry to Seniors

Bruce Geeves has worked at Edge Anglican, Claremont and St George’s Battery Point as a Seniors Minister. Here he talks about a new mission field to senior adults.

Does your church have a strategy? Why, you ask?

Because seniors are living for an extra 30 years after retirement. 
They have more free time than children, youth and young adults. 
They have time to think through their life situation after raising kids, and establishing their careers. 
They have time to mentor and encourage.

What is Seniors Mission Strategy?

It asks whether you have a strategy to mobilise this age group into action rather than a passive group.

•  Do they know how to share the gospel? 
•  Do they have a plan for talking to their friends? 

Churches might have a Sunday where they focus on this age group in a program called ‘Missioning to adult seniors’. This might include a workshop covering the following topics. 

•  Why is there a need to ask questions? 
•  What is important to me? (This is something you  could pass on to children and grandchildren.) 
•  What do I know about death? What do other Christians think about death? 
•  Temptations in senior years 
•  Trials of old age 
•  Loss of memory 
•  Loss of friends 
•  Old age and the bible 
•  Christian dying 
•  Planning your funeral to share your life and faith with friends and family.



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