Mission to Seafarers

Showing Jesus' love 

Those who go down to the sea in ships; and follow their trade on great waters,
They have seen the works of God and his wonders in the deep. 
Ps 107:23 & 24

The large majority of seafarers are very aware of the Presence of God and the dangers of life at sea. Some 1000 sailors die each year in accidents or because of problems associated with their lonely life, to say nothing of those seriously injured.

While many are reluctant to talk about their faith and assume that others will appreciate their relationship with God, the fact that there is a constant demand for Bibles in various languages illustrates their faith. 

As readers would be well aware, there are lots of other items available in the Flying Angel Centre, from SIM and Recharge Cards for phones, toothpaste and brushes, sweets and souvenirs. The Chapel, TV lounge, and games are popular.

Unfortunately, there has not been any response to a request for more volunteers from Hobart parishes since my request in the previous edition of Tasmanian Anglican. We have an obligation to show Jesus’ love to those who come to us. We will probably not see the results of our care for seafarers, but we need to remember St Paul’s words –

I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the increase! 1 Cor: 3:6.  or Mt 25:31 – 46

For more information please contact Bruce Mitchell 0437 077 753 or Mission to Seafarers Hobart




























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 bookshelves with several bibles in foreign languages and bible reading notesSome of the 13 different translations of the Bibles available at the Mission.


lectern, communion table, circular stained glass window with Jesus standing beside ship’s captain at the wheel

Mission to Seafarers chapel.


young crewman from ship, in TV lounge with bookshelves and comfortable chairs, giving ‘thumbs-up’ of approval

This crewman appreciates the comfy chairs in the TV lounge.


framed pencil drawing of Jesus looking upwards

'The Face of Jesus' - Pencil drawing presented to the Mission to Seafarers by a visiting crewman who whiled away the long hours at sea by drawing.