• Philo Trust is a registered charity, committed to communicating the relevance of the Christian faith. Its Director is J.John, a Christian speaker and writer. It is the commitment of Philo Trust to show how faith in Jesus Christ is not only reasonable, but relevant and vitally important.
  • Published by Bible Society Australia, Eternity is a national news service for Australian Christians, uniting them, sharing in their witness and encouraging them by revealing what God is doing in our nation.
  • If you have not visited already, check out the updated Diocese of Tasmania website for the latest media releases and diocesan news.
  • Sermons preached at St David’s Cathedral are published each Sunday. You can download them here. Recently added: What's so special about Pentecost?
  • St John’s Launceston publishes sermons - audio and video - each Sunday. See the website and click on Sermon Podcast, or follow Resources>sermons.


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