SparkLit 2018 Australian Christian book of the year

The Bible in Australia

The 2018 Australian Christian Book of the Year is The Bible in Australia: A Cultural History by Meredith Lake, declared during the SparkLit Awards Night in Melbourne in August.

In The Bible in Australia, Meredith Lake gives an arresting and comprehensive account of how preachers, suffragists, unionists, politicians, writers, painters, musicians, immigrants and Indigenous peoples have used the Bible to shape Australian history and culture.

Scripture arrived tattooed on the bodies of convicts aboard the First Fleet and, in the hands of Indigenous Christians, has nourished movements for justice, for land rights, and for recognition and reconciliation.

Lake shows that Australia has been neither a secular society nor a Christian nation. At every level the Bible has been held to be everything from a resented imposition to the word of God. However, even while Bible reading and biblical literacy decline, the Bible remains an indelible part of our story.

Meredith Lake is an historian with a PhD from the University of Sydney where she is currently an Honorary Associate of the Department of History. Meredith has appeared on national radio and television.



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 book cover The Bible in Australia

The Bible in Australia: A Cultural History by Meredith Lake NewSouth Publishing. ISBN 9781742235714