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Garden Blitz at Bilton Lodge

It was a cracking good day for the Garden Blitz at Bilton Lodge last Saturday,’ said Mark Newman, Co-ordinator of Men’s Ministry at Edge, which is a ministry centred on building relationships and sharing the power of the gospel.

‘Being invited to help install a garden bed at Bilton Lodge provided an opportunity for us to reach out to people who live in our local community.’

Anglicare manages Bilton Lodge which provides safe, affordable long term housing.

In response to an invitation, Mark and a small group of men from Edge have embraced the idea of a new parish partnership with Bilton Lodge.

‘We visited twice towards the end of last year hosting a BBQ and we hope to continue to do this at least once a month throughout the year,’ said Mark.

‘Our aim is to create new friendships with those who live at Bilton Lodge. We want them to know that they are part of a community who cares.’

The Edge men were asked if they would be willing to help build a garden bed so that the residents could grow some vegies.

‘It was a collaborative effort all round,’ said Mark. ‘All the materials for the project were ready and waiting for us chaps (and Boof the dog) to just rock up at 9:30am and crack on.

‘After the work was done we had a BBQ which was greatly received with many conversations opening up.

‘Overall, it was a fantastic day,’ said Mark.


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corrugated steel garden bed, 3 men and 1 dog

Bob Nicholls, Rob Spaulding and Harrison Newman being ‘supervised’ by Boof the dog.