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Art Exhibition

In November, there was a display of art works by Meredith Campbell and her sister Alex Chittick at the Channel Heritage Centre in Margate. It was entitled New Life for Old Saws. They sourced, scrounged and found old tools such as wooden-handled saws on which they painted scenes from times gone by of the local Channel area. There were apples, horses and other rural scenes painted on the tools.


In November, the donkeys travelled to Bethlehem Street which is only a short drive away in Howrah. Star and Louise featured in Bethlehem Street Live at St Thomas’ Church on 27 November as part of the charming set-up of old world Bethlehem – a delight for children and families.

The donkeys are also busy with many visits to schools, end of year events and some Christmas appearances. Please pray for their patience and stamina for all of these visits.

The donkeys and horses all needed some dental work recently which will ensure they all remain healthy for the coming year.
















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 2 donkeys, 2 women standing under tree near grassy bank

Alex Chittick and Meredith Campbell with two of the donkeys


2 women display paintings on old saw and other tools

New life for an old saw


donkey with dental gear in mouth

Even donkeys need regular dental checkups