St Mark on the Hill

Outreach initiative

Several months ago, a few ladies had the idea of starting up a Mission Outreach Opportunity Shop at St Mark’s as a way of having outreach into the community and assisting with fund raising for parish projects. Fr Stephen and members of the parish supported this vision and a special area was made at the rear of the church and in the meeting room for the Mission Outreach Opportunity Shop. A large sign over the door says ‘You are now entering the mission field.’

The Mission Outreach Opportunity Shop was advertised through local media, other churches and by word of mouth. People came to browse and were invited to sit down for a chat and morning tea.

This venture has been successful in opening the church to the public and as the shop is located within the church, patrons may rest in the church or move into the Warrior Chapel for private prayer if they wish to do so.

Co-ordinator, Fran Henderson, has mentioned a few highlights of the special times the parish members have had with people who came through the door; like the young man who came in all hot and bothered because he had walked 5 kms, not having the money for a bus fare – all he wanted was a glass of water. Others regularly come in for a chat and a free morning tea. A grandmother brings her two granddaughters. One child wanted grandma to buy her a jacket but she could not afford it. They were both happy when given the jacket.

We are always happy to help out those in need.

The Mission Outreach Opportunity Shop is now opening three times per month due to its popularity instead of once per month. Opening hours are 9.00 am till 12.00 noon on the second and fourth Saturdays and 10.00 am till 2.00 pm on the fourth Tuesday. We welcome fellow Anglicans to come and visit us.

Lorraine Andrews



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 4 ladies in front of sign ‘I am the vine, you are the branches’

L–R: Dot Gleeson, Lois Johnson, Jannine Walker and Co-ordinator Fran Henderson