St Matthias' Church Windermere

Smart move

St Matthias’ Church at Windermere was built in 1843 making it the oldest rural Anglican church in Tasmania, but it has moved into the modern technical era with the development of an audio tour accessible by Smartphone via the church website.

By scanning the QR code (below R.) or typing in the church website (, visitors can wander the graveyard and church surrounds whilst listening to interesting stories about some of the pioneer families buried there, thereby gaining a far deeper appreciation of the history of this church and its earliest parishioners who journeyed from both sides of the river to worship.

In developing this technology, we hope that visitors will ponder the challenges of early colonial life and the devotion shown by the pioneers to their church, but that they may also reflect on their own lives and their relationship with the Lord in this beautiful serene setting on the picturesque Tamar River.



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