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We believe … in Art & … in Mission

Saint David’s is committed to Proclaiming Jesus as Lord in the Heart of Hobart to build a community of living faith, profound hope and practical love.

The Cathedral daily receives and welcomes 40 to 100 visitors, tourists, and those seeking sanctuary. We invite all to experience the Cathedral’s beauty and tranquillity. The Christian Church has been promoting the arts as evangelistic tools throughout history. Our Cathedral’s architecture, windows, and decorations all proclaim the Gospel.

We believe … in Art

What do Christians believe, what do those who visit the Cathedral believe?

The artworks by Maz Gill-Harper currently hanging in the Cathedral are based on the Nicene Creed. They are here to encourage us all to consider what we believe about God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit.

Maz writes:

I am a visual artist and writer whose vocation has been to create works to bring glory to God and to be platforms for dialogue about the Lord Jesus and the claims he made about himself. To this end I have taken my paintings and books anywhere the door has been open to me, both in Tasmania and interstate.

In February last year, I had a 25-year Solo Retrospective Exhibition of my ‘God-Art’ in the Long Gallery in Salamanca Place. I felt that the Lord was saying to me that this aspect of my work was finished. The artwork was up for grabs! In came the Dean Richard who chose the Creed Statements for the Cathedral.

Whilst installing the pieces in the Cathedral, I was struck by the fact that the Cathedral was open to the public daily. Visitors filtered in to admire the architecture and asked to have the paintings explained. Others came for quiet reflection. There was also a young woman in some kind of distress that I was able to spend some time with. The Cathedral is a mission field for which we need to raise up workers.

The Cathedral is central in our city and people are heeding the Welcome sign at the door, and the hospitality of the space could be greatly enhanced by the presence of believers to minister to visitors as appropriate, to share the gospel via the Christ-centred paintings and the Cathedral itself.

Why would I be bothering to do this? It is because I know that the only thing that brings salvation and forgiveness and being with God forever is the blood of Jesus! I have a long-held desire to make his salvation known and to be available for those who may be in need of compassion and/or encouragement.

We believe … in Mission

The Cathedral is calling for ‘missionaries’ from all Christian churches that can fulfil this sort of commitment. Volunteers would be trained, screened, approved by their local church, placed in teams of 2–3 people, and given a rostered time for one week approximately every three to six months.

This is a great opportunity for frontline mission work within our city that could have effect across the world, throughout time – and you’ll be home in time for tea!

For more information please contact Craig Dumas.


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 large red painting with words ‘I believe in one Lord etc.

One of the paintings in the ‘I believe’ series by Maz Gill-Harper on display in St David’s Cathedral.