Where to in Retirement?

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Christian Management Advancement is offering Q4Connection to those who looking for resources in retirement. The first step will help you write some retirement goals. Step two will provide you with access to a wide range of articles and other resources. The third step will direct you to a rich array of ministry possibilities both inside and outside Australia and step four will put you in touch with mentors to help you through the process of discerning what your fourth quarter could look like.

Jim is a part-time staffworker for the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC) and travels Australia in that role. He and his wife Lesley run one-day marriage courses for churches, CMS and Sydney Anglicans. They also do a range of personal and 1-to-1 pastoral and counselling work. Jim and Lesley have 10 grandchildren, which means they are never sitting around wondering what to do with their time!

They believe that ‘it is important for Christians to make the most of their post-work lives because of the gospel imperative. When we see what is close to God’s heart that should guide us in ongoing works of ministry/service. What is life really about? What is God’s big plan and how do I not muck it up? We should remember that it is not about us, it’s about God.’

John Harris grew up in Northern Australia as a missionary kid. Now in his fourth quarter he writes, ‘I am one of the blessed ones because Bible translation has always been my passion and I can continue to be involved in retirement. People like me are lucky because they hardly notice the transition to retirement, because they just keep doing what they love (although for less or no pay).’

He believes it is important for Christians to make the most of their fourth quarter because they still have a great deal to offer: ‘We have experienced life. But we are also conscious of the fleeting nature of life and the possibility of ill health. We need to make the most of time and health while we have them. We can also give of our time and talents freely.’

Q4 will be launched in February next year. If you would like to find out more log on to www.cma.net.au/q4 or contact Paul Arnott on 0468 605 617.

Paul Arnott - Executive Director of Special Projects for Christian Ministry Advancement


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