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With research being undertaken for the Cathedral history, the clergy with special responsibility for Saint David's has been compiled and may be of interest.

1804-1823 Robert Knopwood, first Chaplain

A note in one of Robert Knopwood's Prayer Books verifies that Saint David's Church, of which the foundation stone was laid in 1817, was named in honour of Lieutenant David Collins. Saint David our patron saint as a consequence!

1823-1853 William Bedford, Senior Chaplain

Known as 'Holy Willie' and sharing in the derision by the bare-bottomed ladies of the Female Prison, the Flash Mob.

1867-1874 Frederick Holdship Cox, Rector, first Dean from 1872

Dean Cox 's scholarship was out to the test by the disputes in the diocese between some clergy and Bishop Nixon.

1874-1884 Henry Bodley Bromby, Rector from 1874, second Dean 1877

Dean Bromby was the son of the second Bishop and nephew of the Cathedral architect, George Bodley.

1885-1896 Charles Leslie Dundas, third Dean

Dean Dundas continued the Tractarian tradition in liturgy established by Henry Bromby. He was a great supporter of the Sisters of the Church who established Collegiate School during his deanship.

1897-1916 Joseph Bertram Kite, fourth Dean

Dean Kite was appointed by Bishop Montgomery and continued as Dean during the episcopate of John Edward Mercer. Together with Bishop Mercer there was a continuing strong commitment to social welfare, especially of deprived young people.

1916-1920 Robert Snowdon Hay, fifth Dean

In 1920 Robert Snowdon Hay was elected as Bishop of Tasmania continuing in that position until his death in 1943.

1920-1940 Arthur Richard Rivers, sixth Dean

Dean Rivers was a memorable figure, recalled by older members of the congregation and of the diocese with great respect. He was an accomplished musician and published a number of collections of carols with music composed by him. He was also, like his noted brother Godfrey, an artist with skill. The Cathedral has two of his sketch books. He died in office.

1942-1958 Harold Percy Fewtrell, seventh Dean

Owing to its very nature it is not widely known that a special feature of Dean Fewtrell's ministry was spiritual direction through the sacrament of absolution and guidance.

1959-1971 Eric Michael Webber, eighth Dean

1972-1980 Harlin John Lascelles Butterley,ninth Dean

1980-1983 Jeffrey Michael Langdon Parsons tenth Dean

1984-1992 Kenneth Nash Reardon, eleventh Dean

1993- Stuart Edward Blackler, twelfth Dean

The present Dean is due to retire in October 2005

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Dean Rivers 1920-1940

(The original cartoon drawing by Alex Gurney is in the Cathedral archives.)