Cyclone disaster in Oro Province, PNG

A cyclone hit the coast of Oro Province on 14 November 2007 and has devastated the region, including parts of Milne Bay Province.

Reports on 19 November say that 50 000 people have been displaced and 30 have died. The bridges around Popondetta (seven at least) have washed away and the water treatment plant in the town has been destroyed. This damage to infrastructure alone will have an incredible impact because the primary produce, which under girds the economy of Oro Province, is not able to be transported to the oil palm factory, and any processed oil is not able to be transported to the coast for shipment.

People's gardens have washed away, meaning that many people have no immediate ready source of food.

Please pray for our brothers and sisters in the region who are suffering as a result of the storm and for others as they begin to care for them.

Anglican Board of Mission has launched an appeal asking for donations to help in the immediate relief efforts. Read reports on the disaster and see how you can donate to the relief work here.

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