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The online archive of the Tasmanian Anglican includes material (especially photographs) that might not have been included in the printed publication because of lack of space.

Links to related material might also be made. But the text of original articles remains unaltered except for minor typographical changes in line with the style of this site.

The Tasmanian Anglican (formerly known as Church News) was published as a monthly newspaper (January excepted) for over 100 years. From June 2005 it has been published every second month as a magazine.

The online edition of Tasmanian Anglican includes selected articles. It is not a complete edition of the publication.

If you wish to make a contribution to the Tasmanian Anglican please contact the editor, Sheelagh Wegman.

If you wish to send images to Sheelagh, please email her first for instructions. Thank you.

From the Bishop's Desk

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Of personal, historical and archival interest

Panegyric for Michael Webber (1916 - 2008), Dean of Hobart (1959 - 1971)