About Tasmanian Anglican

News from the Anglican church

We've been Anglicans in Tasmania for 200 years. Our first bishop was an amateur photographer - back in the 1840s. From the early days we've had our own newspaper published 11 times a year.

When our diocesan website started in 2000 we published an online version of the newspaper, too.

Tasmanian Anglican became a magazine in June 2005. Since then it's been published every second month.

Two years later we launched Tasmanian Anglican on this separate website.

Old and new news

As well as the current issue of Tasmania Anglican, we also provide:

  • local news
  • a photo gallery
  • back issues of Tasmanian Anglican
  • everything Bishop John has published since 2000 (not completed yet)
  • an archive (lots more to do here!)

This is your website - you can submit to it

If you're an Anglican living in Tasmania please send us:

  • news from your parish or organisation (we'll put it up within two business days)
  • articles for Tasmanian Anglican (published in print plus on this website)
  • additional information (words, photos, audio, movie)

Click here to find out how to send your content.

Thank you...

Sheelagh Wegman


Please send us news.

Sometimes we'll decide whether your news will be best published immediately as local news or whether it would be best to go in the magazine (published bimonthly). Sometimes it might be both. Or a short article and one photo might go in the magazine and more photos and other content might go on the website version.

We really want your news to keep our site fresh and interesting. So send it to us.

Read more about how to prepare and submit news.

We retain editorial control and the right not to publish.