Flourish: Bishop’s Training Event


It was a wonderful day at Flourish – the Bishop's training day on 23 September. Over 300 people gathered at Hutchins School from as far away as Flinders Island to be taught and encouraged and to have fellowship with one another. This year there were also over 50 kids who had a wonderful time of wet and wild games while growing in faith. Thanks to the great team who cared for them.

The theme of Flourish was introduced as the MC, Dean Richard Humphrey revealed his 80s throw back ‘flourishing’ paisley shirt…

Peter Adlem from St Clements Kingston spoke on 1 Thessalonians 1:1–10 as an illustration of a flourishing church. He suggested a flourishing church should contain these elements: Holy Spirit conviction, deep repentance, unshakeable joy, contagious faith and an expectant hope. He used the illustration of an amazingly equipped US Navy ship that was never used for its intended purpose, rather was used for pleasure trips for Presidents, royalty and movie stars. He said sometimes we consider a ‘flourishing’ church to look like that ship with all the state of the art equipment and comforts – hi tech, comfy seats, airconditioning and heating… but actually not serving its purpose of gospel mission.

Bishop Richard then reminded us of the Diocesan Vision of being a Church for Tasmania making disciples of Jesus. He re-iterated the points from last year’s conference based on the Vine Project and the four E’s – Engage, Evangelise, Establish and Equip.

He picked up four areas that indicated a flourishing parish.

  • Active disciple-making pathways. 
  • Active ministry to young people and families. 
  • Transformative public worship. 
  • Avenues of intentional prayer.

The afternoon workshops provided opportunities for teaching in these areas.

Ruth Hanlon, Assistant Minister St David's Cathedral




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book launch, image of book on screen, woman and man at lectern

At Flourish, Kara Martin’s talked about her book Workship – How to Use Your Work To Worship God