Bible Society – Our oldest living organisation

Celebration of biblical proportions!

On 5 March, hundreds of churches around Australia celebrated not only 200 years of the Bible Society – Australia’s oldest living organisation – but 200 years of sharing the Bible in Australia.

Thousands of people were reminded that the Bible has shaped so much of our nation, and two centuries after its arrival, it’s here for good – for the good of the church, the good of society and the good of everyone who encounters the written word as it directs them to Jesus, the living word (2 Timothy 3:15).

Locally, we kicked off our celebrations at St David’s Cathedral with the Very Revd Richard Humphrey reminding us of the good of the ‘Good Book’ from 2 Timothy 3, culminating in an impromptu rendition of Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so.

We reflected on two centuries of the Bible’s legacy in Australia and praised God for his word, with vintage hymns like the wonderful Thanks to God whose Word was Spoken, which was composed for the British and Foreign Bible Society’s 150th anniversary.

We also launched the Bible Society’s new book, Our Mob God’s Story, which tells the Bible’s story through indigenous art. We heard from editor Louise Sherman, and local artist Liz Pinner spoke about her faith and art. Lastly, we sang Happy Birthday together, before 102.5-year-old Millicent Prescott, half the age of Bible Society, cut the massive 200th birthday cake.

Thanks for helping us to share the Word for the good of others and the glory of Jesus!

If your church would like to help us celebrate this year, please visit the Bible Society website or contact State Coordinator, Mark Barry.

If you’d like to hear the Dean’s sermon from the service, you can download it here.

Mark Barry 
Photos Vanessa McArthur


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Mark Barry helped 102.5 year old Millicent Prescott cut the cake (Millicent is half the age of BSA!)


Artworks from by local indigenous artist Liz Pinner are displayed on the Cathedral walls. They are from Our Mob, God’s Story a book edited by Louise Sherman.